February 5, 2018

2024-05-03 | 20:06:02

"Delicious King Crab"
February 4, 2018

2024-05-03 | 20:06:03

"Always a great meal and friendly service. We have been going to the Turtle Club for 25 years whenever we want a nice meal out. Simple, and delicious. The best salad bar in town."
February 3, 2018

2024-05-03 | 20:06:04

"Best prime rib I've ever had. The salad bar was good, the meat was awesome. It was so tender. The place is small, but has a very welcome feel to it. Another place you have top visit when in Fairbanks."
January 28, 2018

2024-05-03 | 20:06:05

"Amazing Salad Bar* 2nd to none!"
January 21, 2018

2024-05-03 | 20:06:05

"Lovely place"
January 18, 2018

2024-05-12 | 20:15:06

"If you like prim rib at all, definitely give this place a try. Turtle Club has perfected prim rib. A must place to eat for any tourist! Weeknights are my favorite time, little more quite then a weekend..."