September 27, 2011

2024-05-12 | 20:15:54

"Love their food! Their prime rib is awesome as is their salad bar. The atmosphere is very "old Alaskan rustic" but I think that is what they are going for. Be sure to make a reservation!"
February 27, 2008

2024-05-12 | 20:15:55

"Just thinking about this restaurant makes me feel at peace. I grew up in a city where to get good food, you went to a fancy restaurant, wearing fancy clothes. Though I admit I don't mind getting dolled up every now and again, one of my favorite things about Alaska, and Turtle Club in particular, is that regardless of how I show up, the service is always top knotch. I've been in for a romantic dressy dinner with my hubby a few times, with youth from my church for hang-out time looking "a mess" many a time. We've even made a reservation for opening time and taken a nap in our camper in the parking lot waiting for them to open. The prices are a little high, but the portions are great and the salad bar is like nothing you'll find anywhere else in Fairbanks. I've found that splitting escargot and chicken strips with a friend and each getting a salad bar is enough food for both to have full tummies. Granted, we always finish off with the best cheesecakes I've ever had. My absolute favorite place. If it wasn't for the drive, I'd eat there all the time..."