March 4, 2017

2024-05-12 | 20:15:34

"The Turtle Club prepares one of the best prime ribs I have ever had. In true Alaska style the decor is original 70s/80s. Rather than doing out of place, the style suites the laid back style of the Turtle Club. Each meal comes with a fresh loaf of bread and a salad bar. The prime rub comes in three sizes 12, 16, 24 ozs."
February 21, 2017

2024-05-12 | 20:15:35

"huge steak and great salad bar"
February 13, 2017

2024-05-12 | 20:15:36

"Great food great staff.."
February 10, 2017

2024-05-12 | 20:15:37

"Worth traveling from the lower 48 to enjoy. Always a must drinner"
January 17, 2017

2024-05-12 | 20:15:37

"My wife and I had a great time! They have a reasonably priced food and drink menu."
December 23, 2016

2024-05-12 | 20:15:38

"Omg this place was mouth watering! Salad bar was to die for I got the foxy cut it was puuuuurfect. Thank you so much to my fantastic waitress she was very pleasant and timely service"